How your waist belt (slowly) kills you.

Some of us are habitual of wearing belts tightly and even when a belt feels like the right size while we're standing, it still gets too tight when we sit down or after having a proper meal. This might seem harmless at first and doesn't even cause any pain but in the long run, it can damage your body and make you sick.

Many studies have shown that a wrong or tight belt that puts pressure on your lower abdomen causes various health problems. Indigestion and constipation are due to abdominal pressure which makes it difficult for food and gas to move forward. Also, the excess abdominal pressure caused by the tight belt forces the acid made to digest food to move up to your lungs and throat, causing heartburn and in a long run may even lead to throat cancer. Spinal cord stiffness and back pain can be also caused by extra pressure to the stomach muscles, cystic nerve and many other important veins which pass around your waist and are now unable to do their job effectively. These are only a few named health dangers related to wearing tight waist belts, but since in general compressed insides can not function properly, then in the end it impacts our overall health and wellbeing in many harmful ways.