Our Story

It all began years ago in Nottingham, UK, as we started wearing working trousers at our new job. Our regular waist belts proved impractical — heavy, difficult to open and close, uncomfortable, and causing allergic reactions from prolonged skin contact.

evolution of woorban belts

We ordered plastic belts from eBay and became obsessed with their quick release & fasten buckles. This made work more convenient and changing clothes much faster — and the allergy has gone.

inventing of the belt

Since the new belts were much more comfortable than leather belts, Alik started wearing them in his free time as well. Although they looked like industrial straps, it wasn't their appearance that bothered Alik. The challenge was adjusting the belt size quickly or hassle-free after a meal or while sitting for a long time, whether in the cinema or while driving. And since the belt was made of quite thin straps, it used to pull up the loops of his pants, making it look awkward. Therefore, we kept on looking for the perfect belt on the Internet for years and never found it.

testing the belt

We summed up everything we liked and disliked about different belts we used to wear throughout our lives and researched hundreds of feedback left for belts sold online on Amazon and eBay before getting to the drawing board to create what we wear on our waists today.

somewhere in norway

And since we really liked what we came up with, we decided to give it a shot and share it with people who might also find it beneficial or even love it.

first batch